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What is Cambridge CRoSS?

CRoSS (Commercialisation of Research out of Social Sciences) is an ESRC-funded impact acceleration programme designed to engage social science researchers in innovation and commercialisation to maximise the impact of their research.

We aim to create visibility and community for social scientists working in high-impact areas of research, to increase skills through targeted training and facilitation, and to link social scientists to Cambridge’s world-leading innovation ecosystem.


Who’s involved?

All Cambridge researchers working in the Social Sciences, including early-career and postdoctoral researchers, are welcome to participate in CRoSS events. We also welcome participation and support from researchers from other disciplines, and from non-academic stakeholders including business, government and civil society partners, investors, and mentors who have expertise and insight to share.

Join us to learn more about commercialisation as a pathway to research impact and to help us develop the innovation potential of Cambridge social sciences.

Please contact: ahss@enterprise.cam.ac.uk

Further information

Supporting Social Scientists

Cambridge Enterprise has a dedicated team who support researchers in the social sciences to explore commercial routes to impact: academic consultancy, IP licensing, co-creation of innovative products and services, company creation, incubation and investment.

We work closely with colleagues in the Research Office, the Schools and the Knowledge Exchange Network to get the right support in place and can assist with due diligence on copyright and other IP, contracting and commercial negotiations, marketing, impact and innovation funding applications, training and mentoring.

Under the CRoSS programme, we also have discretionary funding to help support early career and postdoctoral researchers engaged in high-impact innovation and commercialisation projects. This includes projects supported in the Chris Abell Postdoc Business Plan Competition or in our accelerator programmes.

About the Programme





The Commercialisation of Research out of the Social Sciences (CRoSS) project is funded by the ESRC Impact Accelerator Account and aims to build the capacity of social science researchers and knowledge exchange professionals to identify and support opportunities for commercialising outputs from social science research.

Previous funding in this space helped to make visible the institutional readiness of the University of Cambridge. As a part of that experience, the University created a role based in Cambridge Enterprise since 2018 to focus exclusively on commercialisation of activities in the Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences. Building on the existing portfolio, CRoSS will:

  • Develop a greater understanding of the specific needs of social science researchers when commercialising their research
  • Develop links with other elements in the commercialisation ecosystem – such as investors, accelerators
  • Develop research skills for commercialisation, potentially including training, workshops, and other skills-focused activity
  • Scope mechanisms to identify research outputs that have the potential for commercialisation

CRoSS Programme Timeline 2022-23

Upcoming Events


16 Jan-24 Feb: Ideas’ Incubator

A support programme for social science researchers and their collaborators who are developing an innovative or entrepreneurial approach which has the potential to convert research insight into real-world impact

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Hopscotch chalked on playground

27 March: CRoSS Roadshow

Bringing together an innovation community in the social sciences.

Find out more about Cambridge’s ESRC-funded Commercialisation of Research out of Social Sciences (CRoSS) programme, and hear from researchers from the arts, humanities and social sciences engaged in innovation and enterprise projects.



Past Events & Available Resources

26 May: Creative Cambridge 2022

We support collaborations between the University and creative industries, making visible a visible a community of experts and practitioners who are open to collaboration and conversation.

watch the recording

7 July: Social Business Models

Creating a social enterprise is one high-impact route by which innovations and expertise from university research can find their way into the wider world.

watch the recording

Social Business Models

13 July: Data and Commercialisation

We look at some practical steps you can take to manage data when having commercialisation in mind, and talk about when and how to find support from across the University

Watch the recording


13 Sept: CRoSS Roadshow

A series of events to showcase Cambridge’s response to UKRI Economic and Social Research Council’s new CRoSS programme

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15 Sept: Creating Great Content

How to take the right approach to storytelling and documentary development in order to give your research-based documentary the best possible chances of reaching a wide audience


Great Storytelling

21 Sept: Consultancy Training

A session designed to support social science researchers who are interested in developing their potential as a consultant


Consultancy Training

4 Oct: Legal Aspects of Social Venture

The basics of establishing a social venture; balancing profit with people and planet

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Legal Aspects of Social Ventures

21-22 Oct: Venture Creation Weekend

A special weekend for social science researchers inspired to start a business with social impact at its core

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Venture Creation

27 Oct: Commercialisation for Policy Impact

Could a research commercialisation approach or entrepreneurial mindset help us to create better impact outcomes for research in policy?

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Impact through commercialisation

3 Nov: Navigating the Film Industry

How the documentary film industry works, how to successfully get your work noticed, and where opportunities arise

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Film Industry

7 Nov: Podcasting Panel

Podcasts may feel like the perfect fit for research communication, allowing conversation, storytelling, and a community of engaged listeners for your work

watch the recording

11 Nov: CRoSS Roadshow

A series of events to showcase Cambridge’s response to UKRI Economic and Social Research Council’s new CRoSS programme


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28 Nov: Research Impact Ideation Workshop

Through a structured day of innovation sprints, pitches, discussion and coaching, we will work together to map a pathway from research findings to real-world impact

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