Commercialisation portfolio data management tool for University of Cambridge researchers and staff

The Cambridge Enterprise Academic Portal enables University of Cambridge researchers and staff who have worked with Cambridge Enterprise to see the progress, status and related data for their commercialisation projects. The Academic Portal also provides tailored reporting and project journey overviews for senior University management.

If you are a University researcher or member of staff who has a commercialisation project with us, the Academic Portal allows you to quickly and easily see how your project is developing as well as a top level view of any licences, consultancies and CDAs that you may have with us.

Senior University management and their delegates will have visibility of the commercialisation projects for their area of the University. The portal enables tailored reporting and provides a full overview of project journeys with Cambridge Enterprise.


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What information can I gather from the portal?

You can gather information and detail regarding any cases, patents or agreements you may have with Cambridge Enterprise.


Within the cases tab you are able to see the type of case that you have with Cambridge Enterprise, the disclosure date, status, case manager and case associate as well as the reference number and disclosure date.


Within the patent section you are able to see the patents that you may have applied for or details regarding the patent that are on the Cambridge Enterprise database. These details include the country of filing, the type of patent, application number, filing date and status as well as the case that the patent relates to.


The agreement tab holds the agreements that are related to cases that you are named as a participant in (such as a consultant, inventor, contributor or founder).

How do I access the portal?

You can go to the portal by using the link or the button on this page.

You will need a login to access the portal and a Multi-Factor Authentication will also be in place in order to gain access.

Additional functions for senior University management

For senior University management members and their delegates there is also the option of the “Reporting” tab which allows members to see an overview of the commercialisation data Cambridge Enterprise holds on projects from their area of the University.

The tab allows for both a visual representation and a detailed view of the cases, agreements and patents data that Cambridge Enterprise holds on their specific area.