Interested in sharing your expertise and experience?

The Cambridge Enterprise Experts & Mentors Programme is for professionals who want to share their experience and knowledge, to assist us in supporting University staff and students to commercialise their expertise and ideas for the benefit of the global community.

Having practical experience and insight into the commercial landscape is highly valuable for those starting out on the journey towards commercialisation. This support can give staff and students the confidence to drive their ideas forward, increasing their chances of creating a positive impact on society.


Applications are currently paused, please check back at a later date for details on how to join.

Programme information

Why join the Experts & Mentors Programme?

People join to:

  • Give back and help University staff, students and recent alumni to excel in the commercialisation of their ideas
  • Gain insight into new and ground-breaking technologies and companies originating from the University of Cambridge
  • Get involved with new spin-out companies originating from the University of Cambridge

Who can join the programme?

The Cambridge Enterprise Expert & Mentors Programme is open to:

  • Experienced entrepreneurs or professionals who wish to share their knowledge to support academic entrepreneurs and spin-out companies
  • People with specific expertise. For example, specialists in a particular sector or with a particular business skill

What does the programme entail?

Becoming part of the programme can provide the opportunity to work with a variety of people, from advising us on questions about specific technologies to working directly with academics on individual projects. Throughout your two year engagement, we will help to support mentees, mentors and experts by making introductions and communicating relevant opportunities. The frequency of contact from us will depend on your expertise and experience and on our requirements.

For everyone to gain the most value from the programme, participants are expected to:

  • Offer their services free of charge
  • Agree to be contacted by us in connection with the Experts & Mentors Programme, including potentially relevant mentoring opportunities and communications relating to the Programme
  • Provide at least an hour of their time, but can be more depending on what is agreed between the two participants
  • Take part in the programme for a period of two years
  • Provide us with detailed information about their skills and experience

To learn more about how we gather and process your information when you apply to join the Experts & Mentors programme, please read our Privacy Policy.