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Emerging opportunities that create competitive advantage

Cambridge Enterprise works in collaboration with University of Cambridge academics, researchers, students and staff across a broad spectrum of disciplines, from biosciences to engineering and more.

We help them develop their ideas into innovative and transformative opportunities that could enable your organisation’s next generation products.


Available technologies

The list below displays all of the opportunities we are currently marketing. However, we welcome enquiries and work with companies on an individual basis to identify particular areas of interest.

If you would like to learn more about any of the opportunities below, please get in touch.

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Reliable redox flow battery state-of-charge measurement Ref No: Gre-7712-20 Find out more
In-operando battery chemistry monitoring Ref No: Gre-3747-19 Find out more
Safe and efficient synthesis of Ansa Indenyl Catalysts Ref No: Wri-3843-19 Find out more
Maternal blood test for fetal size abnormalities (FSA) Ref No: Smi-3826-19 Find out more
Flexible mandrel-free metal spinning Ref No: All-2449-10 Find out more
Enabling high data rate optical communications with directly-modulated lasers Ref No: Pen-7846-20 Find out more
Augmented Page: enhance the printed page Ref No: Kha-8385-21 Find out more
Deep neural network for perceived loudness calculation Ref No: Moo-3793-19 Find out more
High performance data transmission Ref No: Mol-7671-20 Find out more
Improved metal additive manufacture Ref No: Gre-7712-20 Find out more
Flexible profile ring rolling Ref No: All-3115-15 Find out more
Densified Collagen Tubes for Human Tissue Replacement Ref No: Mar-3702-18 Find out more
Reinforced Bulk Superconductors Ref No: Nam-3386-16 Find out more
A New Class of Collagen Membranes Ref No: Cam-3575-17 Find out more
JBIG-KIT Lossless Image Compression Library Ref No: Kuh-266-02 Find out more
Transgenic mice with fluorescently labelled intestinal K-cells Ref No: Gri-2367-09 Find out more
Generation of origin-specific vascular smooth muscle cells Ref No: Sin-2591-11 Find out more
Database of contemporary spoken English Ref No: Nol-2585-11 Find out more
Printable inks based on layered nanomaterials Ref No: Fer-2710-12 Find out more
iPS cells derived from circulatory endothelial progenitors Ref No: Mor-2564-11 Find out more
Transgenic mice with fluorescently labelled proglucagon-expressing cells Ref No: Gri-1716-06 Find out more