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We have a large range of research tools available for licensing

Cambridge Enterprise works in collaboration with University of Cambridge academics, researchers, students and staff to market and license available research tools.

Research tools include:

  • Reagents: for example, antibodies, cell lines, DNA constructs, proteins, small molecules
  • Software: research-based software
  • Copyright: for example, images, questionnaires, tests, educational resources
  • Confidential information: know-how
  • Database rights: collections of data

Available research tools

This list below displays all the research tools we are currently marketing. However, we welcome enquiries and work with companies on an individual basis to identify particular areas of interest. Please get in touch if you would like to discuss our available research tools further.

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ICM+ software for brain monitoring in neurological intensive care research Code: Smi-833-03 Find out more
COBRAS Concrete Bridge Assessment Program Code: Mid-1022-96 Find out more
Brief Early Skills & Support Index (BESSI) Code: Hug-3300-16 Find out more
GreenSwirl software for calculating Green’s function for swirling flow in an infinite duct Code: Mat-3234-15 Find out more
Computational method to predict the solubility of proteins Code: Ven-2792-12 Find out more
Q3PULSE software for predicting unsteady turbocharger turbine performance Code: Cao-3214-15 Find out more
CAM2 software for hearing aid fitting Code: Moo-2554-11 Find out more
Sharp graphite tips for nanotechnology applications Code: Fer-3435-17; OM-0406 Find out more
Virtual WDS software Code: Ree-1001-95 Find out more
ISOLDE: Building High Quality Macromolecular Models into Low Resolution Experimental Maps Code: Cro-3730-19 Find out more
Sheep immunoglobulin G monoclonal antibody SIg 743 Code: AB60 Find out more
Mouse Thy-1 monoclonal antibody YBM 29.2.1 Code: AB11 Find out more
Mouse CD8 (lyt-2) monoclonal antibody YTS Code: AB14 Find out more
Mouse CD4 epitope A monoclonal antibody YTS 191.1.2 Code: AB16 Find out more
Human insulin receptor monoclonal antibody IR 18-44 Code: AB28 Find out more
Human insulin-like growth factor 1 receptor monoclonal antibody IGF-1R 24-31 Code: AB6 Find out more