Planetary Processing


Changing the gaming industry by empowering all game developers to create massively
multiplayer online games.


Funding Opportunity

Planetary Processing are currently raising £2.4m over 2 years to develop software and engage with indie developers.

£2.4m Pre-Seed


We provide a service to small and medium game studios. We recognise the effort and cost
required to launch, scale and operate online games. We offer a platform that makes creating
and running large online games simple. Our product lets game developers focus on their
game, while we handle the infrastructure.

The Challenge

Performing large scale simulations is extremely complex and expensive due to requiring
expensive hardware and complex bespoke software. This high barrier to entry prevents any
but the largest studios from being able to afford to make massively multiplayer online
(MMO) games. Large studios overcame this barrier by reinvesting historic profits while small
indie studios (which comprise ~40% of today’s market) can’t afford to do this.

The Solution

We build the required software once and offer it as a service to game studios. This lowers
the barrier to entry that prevents small studios from participating in the MMO market.
Our algorithm, developed by Sam while studying at Cambridge University, allows us to
reduce the cost and increase scalability by distributing the simulation across many

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Management Team

Samuel Sully | Co-Founder

Conrad Wood | Co-Founder


Desmond Cheung

Desmond Cheung

Senior Investment Analyst (Physical Sciences)