Inotec AMD’s advanced wound care technology secures investment from Amadeus

Inotec AMD, a maker of mobile medical devices designed to heal chronic, hypoxic wounds that afflict millions of sufferers around the world every year, has secured investment from Amadeus Capital Partners, the global technology investor announced today. Inotec is a Cambridge Enterprise portfolio company.

As more than 90% of wounds suffer from a lack of oxygen, the launch of NATROX™ addresses this serious concern with a simple, cost-effective application which treats a broad spectrum of chronic health problems.

Amadeus Capital Partners will bring investment and expertise to Inotec, based in Cambridge, UK, to enable the company to carry out large scale clinical trials outside the UK and to broaden the scope of application of its innovative NATROX™ family of products. The global investor in dynamic start-ups will also draw on its worldwide network to help Inotec establish commercial agreements and grow its presence internationally.

Inotec was established in 2005 by Professor Derek Fray from Cambridge University and Mel Vinton. It’s compact and wearable NATROX™ system, which is CE marked and FDA approved, provides a continuous supply of pure humidified oxygen to wounds. In preliminary trials, NATROX™ has been shown to reduce the size of chronic wounds substantially within weeks, with a large number of patients’ wounds reaching complete healing.

“Inotec’s proprietary technology has the potential to profoundly improve standards of care for hard-to-heal and chronic wounds, a large and growing market, which has not been disrupted since negative therapy (VAC) was launched in the ‘90s. Being small and portable, NATROX™ can be used at home as well as in hospital, alleviating pressure on stretched healthcare systems and materially improving quality of life for patients,” said Pierre Socha, Investment Manager, Amadeus Capital Partners.

Trevor Stanley, Inotec CEO, commented, “The global wound-care market is projected to grow to $18.3 billion globally in 2019, driven in part by changing life styles and ageing populations in many countries. There are some 400 million diabetes sufferers around the world, some 60 million of whom are likely to develop a lower limb ulcer. Amadeus’ investment will enable us to deliver advanced and highly effective oxygen-based wound-care technology across the world.”

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