Research tools

Commercialising fast moving, non-patented assets

Research tools are fast moving, non-patented assets made over the course of research, including:

Research tools can be licensed to companies for internal research use, for use as part of a product, or for commercial distribution.

Cambridge Enterprise offers University academics and researchers a wide variety of support tailored to individual needs by:

  • Advising on valuations and the best route to commercialisation
  • Providing marketing guidance to help find the right partners
  • Carrying out administrative support and contract management
  • Seamlessly licensing research tools through longstanding relationships with industry.

What are the benefits of licensing research tools?

  • Demonstrable impact – Licensing demonstrates the value of the researcher’s work, accelerates others’ research, and can be included as an example of impact in a grant application.
  • Financial return – Revenue from research tools licensing is generally shared according to the University’s IP policy. The creator’s share can be taken personally or donated to their department for research use.
  • It is easy and convenient – Academics and researchers are not limited by time constraints as there is no need to go through the process of filing a patent. Research tools require no further development, and if it is published, it is generally ready to commercialise.
  • No risk to academic freedom – Cambridge Enterprise carries out all of the administration and adds value to the research tool by handling the necessary due diligence regarding the funder obligations and third party rights. Academics and researchers are also free to distribute their materials freely to academics colleagues and collaborators under a Materials Transfer Agreement (MTA).

What’s the next step?

Contact Cambridge Enterprise directly or complete a disclosure form.

We will contact you to discuss options for commercialisation. If we both decide to proceed, Cambridge Enterprise will carry out the due diligence and then sign a revenue sharing agreement with you.

Once we have engaged with a company that wants to take a licence, we will consult with you, negotiate terms and arrange the agreements. We will work with you to transfer the research tool to the company and ensure that any revenue is collected and shared with you.