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Adding value to research tools

We have been licensing research tools for over a decade and can therefore fully support you through the process.

Research tools are assets produced over the course of your research that are ready to be licensed without further development. They can be licensed to companies for internal research use, for use as part of a product or for commercial distribution.

Research tools include:

  • Reagents: for example, antibodies, cell lines, DNA constructs, proteins, small molecules
  • Software: research-based software
  • Copyright: for example, images, questionnaires, tests, educational resources
  • Confidential information: know-how
  • Database rights: collections of data

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Case Study: Clari-Fi

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Why license your research tool?

Demonstrable impact

Licensing demonstrates the value of your work, accelerates others’ research and can be included as an example of impact in a grant application.

No risk to academic freedom

As there is no need to go through the process of filing a patent, there is no delay on research publication.

You retain academic rights so you are also free to distribute materials freely to academic colleagues and collaborators under a Materials Transfer Agreement.

Generate revenue

As the intellectual property creator, your revenue share can be taken personally or donated to your Department for research use.

Easy and convenient process

As the assets are ready to go, the process does not require a large time commitment from you.

We also reduce the time involved by providing comprehensive commercial, administrative and due diligence support.

We offer support by:

  • Advising on valuations, pricing structure and the best route to commercialisation
  • Conducting market research to help find the right partners
  • Negotiating and completing all necessary licence and revenue share agreements
  • Carrying out administrative support and contract management
  • Seamlessly licensing research tools through longstanding relationships with industry
  • Giving you access to experts and mentors

The process

Initial assessment

Once you have got in touch we will organise a convenient time for you to tell us about your idea and why you think it might be commercially interesting.

Due diligence

If we both decide to proceed, we will carry out the due diligence and then sign a revenue sharing agreement with you.

Licence agreement

Once we have engaged with a company that wants to take a licence, we will consult with you, negotiate terms and arrange the agreements. We will work with you to transfer the research tool to the company and ensure that any revenue is collected and shared with you.

Licensing your reagent

We offer a wide variety of commercialisation options and have the experience to advise you on the best approach to take.

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Licensing your software

We draw on our expertise and experience to advise you on an optimal approach based on your requirements and those of the market.

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Have a research tool idea or opportunity and ready to take the next step?

It’s never too early to get in touch. Whether you have the seed of a research tool idea, or an opportunity that is already well defined, we encourage you to get in touch for a confidential discussion to see if we can help you take it forward.



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