Do you need a confidentiality agreement?

When working with us to commercialise your research, there may be occasions when you want to discuss your commercial idea or potential consultancy project with an external party.

This discussion may include a meeting, phone call or email exchange initiated by you that involves the sharing of confidential information, and for which it may therefore be important to have a confidential disclosure agreement (also known as a CDA or NDA) in place.

We will of course be on hand to advise you and will usually be involved in any discussions so that we can guide you through the process.

How to create an agreement

Already working with us?

If you are already working with us, you can:

  • Either complete an online form to generate an agreement
  • Or get in touch with your Cambridge Enterprise contact, who will be able to set up the agreement for you


Not yet working with us?

If you are not yet working with us, or have any queries regarding confidential disclosure agreements, please complete our general enquiry form.

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