Our performance

The following represents some highlights of Cambridge Enterprise’s work for the financial year from 1 August 2017 to 31 July 2018. For further information on our performance please see our 2018 Annual Review.

Income, costs and investments

  • Income from knowledge and technology transfer: £14.1 million
  • Distributions to academics, the University and others: £6.3 million
  • Costs (staff and other operating costs): £4.8 million
  • Investment in IP assets (patent and proof of concept): £1.1 million

Our achievements this year

  • 401 consultancy contracts signed, including extensions, which served 234 clients
  • 258 patent applications filed
  • 127 commercial and research licences signed
  • £21.6 million in translational funding won with the support of Cambridge Enterprise
  • £6.6 million invested in spin-out companies

£1.7 billion in follow-on funding has been raised by our portfolio companies since 1995. Last year, we supported 1,825 researchers at all stages of the commercialisation process.