How we help University members

Helping you to create beneficial impact from your ideas and expertise is at the heart of what we do. It is how we support the University of Cambridge’s mission to contribute to society at the highest international levels of excellence. 

Wembark on a journey with youexpertly guiding and mentoring you through the process of developing ideas and inventions into commercial and social enterprise opportunities. There are different routes to commercialisation open to you and the process can both inform your research and create external impact.   

It’s never too early to get in touch with us, either for help managing discussions with an external organisation, or for advice on the best routes for commercialisation.

Ware experienced in creating beneficial impact from research originating from across the University’s six Schools. 

Your commercialisation options

Support for academic consultancy 

We help you to offer youexpertise to third parties through consultancy contracts, providing comprehensive administrative support including professional indemnity cover.  

Develop a commercial opportunity

Innovative research generates new approaches, devices and materials that we can help you assess for commercial potential. We can advise on, facilitate and coordinate the resources to develop the most promising into attractive commercial opportunities.

Our expertise covers intellectual property management and advice, including the management of licensing contracts for a wide range of research outputs including reagents and software.

Company and social enterprise creation 

When the commercialisation process leads to setting up a company or social enterprise, we can advise on developing your business plan and strategy and connect you to experts, mentors and investors. Our investment fund enables us to support ideas at the earliest stages of development. Financial returns are reinvested in the fund to support the next generation of ideas. 



Image: The Hauser Forum at night.