Dr Jennie Flint

Dr Jennie Flint - Senior Commercialisation Associate

Jennie works closely with others in both the Physical and Life Sciences teams to support commercialisation of research outputs primarily from the School of Physical Sciences and the School of Technology in the University of Cambridge.

With a focus on creating positive societal impact, Jennie is proactive in assessing technology with the most potential to be disruptive, and then working closely with our academic and internal stakeholders to find the best routes to market.

Prior to joining Cambridge Enterprise, Jennie worked as a Product Specialist for a major biotechnology company, with an emphasis on global regulatory compliance.

Jennie has a Masters degree in Chemistry from the University of Sussex and a PhD in Chemistry from the University of Cambridge. Jennie’s Master’s research focused on quantum dot synthesis for single molecule fluorescence applications for her Masters. This led her to study the aggregation of amyloid beta 42 (a peptide implicated in Alzheimer’s Disease) using single molecule fluorescence techniques and microfluidics during her PhD.

Jennie joined Cambridge Enterprise in August 2016.