Translational funding

Translational funding is used to ‘bridge the gap’ in development between early stage technology resulting from university research, and its commercialisation. Some funding of this type is available from us, but there are also many other translational funding streams available for academics looking to commercialise their research.

Cambridge Enterprise funding

Cambridge Enterprise has funding available to add value to inventions and new concepts that it manages. Proof of concept funding of up to £25,000 is available. Larger projects may also be supported at higher amounts. For more information on this funding, contact us.

Other sources of early-stage funding

There are many early stage funding grants available for pre-commercial development.

Funding opportunities in the Physical Sciences

Funding opportunities in the Life Sciences

Funding opportunities in the Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences

Funding opportunities for spin-outs


Image: Staircase at the Department of Engineering, by Sir Cam, courtesy the University of Cambridge, all rights reserved.