Cambridge Enterprise manages the protection and commercialisation of IP that has been created by University employees. If you are a Trust employee with an honorary University contract and want to discuss how to commercialise your technology, or if your invention involves both a Trust and a University employee, please contact Dafne Chirivino at Cambridge Enterprise.

Cambridge Enterprise works in close partnership to manage IP with Cambridge University Hospital (CUH) NHS Foundation Trust and Health Enterprise East (HEE), the NHS Innovation Hub for the East of England. If you are an NHS employee (only) and want to discuss an invention, please contact HEE, which assists the development of innovative medical technology products and services invented by NHS employees.

Cambridge Enterprise expanded its reach in 2014 with the opening of an adjunct office on the first floor of the University’s School of Clinical Medicine, providing a base on the Addenbrooke’s site for the Cambridge Enterprise Life Sciences team to commercialise technology developed by clinicians. For more information, please visit our contact us page.

Image: Biomedical campus, by Sir Cam, courtesy the University of Cambridge, all rights reserved.