Cambridge remains the most intensive science and technological cluster in the world – according to a new report ranking innovation around the globe.

The 2023 Global Innovation Index (GII) – which evaluates the top-level innovative capacity of countries and economies, and identifies local concentrations of world-leading activity ­– has named Cambridge as the number one science and technological (S&T) cluster by intensity, in relation to its size, unchanged from the 2022 Index. San Jose, San Francisco, in the USA, was named second and Oxford third.

S&T clusters are established by analysing patent-filing activity and scientific article publication, and documenting the geographical areas around the world with the highest density of inventors and scientific authors.

According to the Index – which will be published in full on 27 September – the Cambridge cluster filed 6,582 Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) patent applications and published 37,136 scientific articles, both per 1 million inhabitants, over the past 5 years.

The University of Cambridge sits at the heart of the ‘Cambridge cluster’, powering world-leading research, driving a thriving ecosystem of hundreds of spinout and start-up companies, and nurturing an environment for business services and investment.

Earlier this year, a new report by leading consultants London Economics showed that the University adds nearly £30 billion to the economy every year and supports more than 86,000 jobs across the UK.

“Cambridge is a truly extraordinary place, where leading scientists work side by side with industry and academic partners, sparking ideas and creating life-changing medicines, technologies and services. I am thrilled to see it again recognised as one of the greatest innovation hubs on the planet.”

Professor Deborah Prentice, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Cambridge

“It is fantastic to see this continued recognition of Cambridge’s success as the world’s most intensive science and technological cluster. The Cambridge innovation ecosystem is home to a unique and driven community of exceptional science, people, companies and partners, tackling global challenges and changing lives.”

Dr Diarmuid O’Brien, Chief Executive, Cambridge Enterprise