Isaac Newton Trust Research Grants

The Isaac Newton Trust provides financial support for high-quality research and educational projects across all subjects in the University of Cambridge.  Since its foundation in 1988, the Trust has funded many hundreds of researchers, mainly at postdoctoral level.

We have helped to secure millions of pounds in grant income and donations from external bodies by providing matching funding in a supple, responsive and innovative way.

The Trust has only modest resources (its annual spend on research is currently no more than about £4m in total) – for details of our budget and how we spent it last year, please see our Annual Report

Our grants, while generally small in comparison to those from the major external funding bodies, often create opportunities for individuals and projects that might otherwise be missed.

The Isaac Newton Trustees review their funding activities continually against an ever-changing background of research funding and educational needs.

Before applying

1)  Read our ‘Guiding Principles’ which apply to most of our research grants, across all categories

2)  See the summary outline of our research grant funding categories

3)  Find out more about the category that interests you

4)  Consult the comparative table of research grant categories

5)  Then go to How to apply

Go to ‘Guiding Principles’

Isaac Newton Research Grants:  timetable 2018-19

Emergency, Project and Equipment Grants: there are three rounds per year

Strategic Research Programme & Project Grants: there is one round per year  (Michaelmas) (selected applications will then be asked to submit a full application in Lent Term, following the timetable set out below)


APPLICATION TIMETABLE Michaelmas 2018 Lent 2019 Easter 2019
Submission of draft applications to Head of Department


28 September 2018 11 January 2019 26 April 2019
Deadline for submission of draft applications to the Newton Trust

(electronic copy)

5 October 2018 18 January 2019 3 May 2019
Deadline for submission of final applications to the Newton Trust

(electronic copy; hard copies to follow within a week)

19 October 2018 1 February 2019 17 May 2019
Trustees’ award meeting


29 November 2018 14 March 2019 4 July 2019
Announcement of application outcome

(letters sent to departments by this date)

7 December 2018 22nd March 2019 12 July 2019