Click play and join the tens of thousands who’ve watched our film

by Leef Smith Barnes

It's been a week since Cambridge Enterprise launched a new suite of promotional films to showcase the University work we support.

The main film, built around a Rube Goldberg-styled chain-reaction device, is off-beat. We were betting it would be fun to watch. Some 40,000 views later, we think it was a good bet. Frankly, the enthusiastic response to the film, and its partner video, the ‘making of,’ has blown us away. Thank you for watching.

The film’s message is a simple one – Cambridge Enterprise exists to support the work of University staff and students as they bring expertise and ideas to market.

If you want to learn more – or if you simply need 90 seconds of diversion – give the film a go. And when you’re ready to commercialise, get in touch and fill us in on the next great idea.





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