Case study: Storm Therapeutics

In 2015, Cambridge Enterprise and Cambridge Innovation Capital (CIC), alongside other funders, invested in Storm Therapeutics, a discovery and development company targeting enzymes that modify RNA using small molecules.

The company was spun out of the Gurdon Institute and is based on the work of Professor Tony Kouzarides (Cancer Biology) and Professor Eric Miska (Molecular Genetics), who are both working with our Consultancy Services team to provide scientific advisory services to the spin-out.

During the current investment stage, Storm Therapeutics is working with the Technology Transfer team to put in place licences for translational projects, from each of the principal investigators’ labs, to form the foundation of its drug discovery programme. The company’s work focuses on identifying and developing candidate drug molecules as potential first-in-class targeted products for cancers where there is an unmet need. The company has attracted investment of £42 million to date.

Image: The METTL3 enzyme, an RNS epigenetic cancer target, deposits a methyl group at the N6 position of adenosine in mRNA Credit: Storm Therapeutics