Have you ever wondered about what goes on at the cutting edge of fields such as Archaeology, Anthropology, or Architecture? The Postdoc Research Showcase event on 21 September is the event for you.

Come and meet the postdoctoral researchers at the heart of the pursuit of knowledge in the Social Sciences at the University of Cambridge, and discover how their research is set to benefit society and make a difference in the world.

Open to all, the Postdoc Research Showcase event will feature quick-fire pitches on real-life applications of the latest research in Social Sciences. It will take place as part of the opening week for the new Eddington site on the North West Cambridge Development. Organised by the Research Strategy Office, the event will provide the opportunity for local businesses, organisations, and policymakers to connect with young researchers from the University of Cambridge and learn about what they could offer their organisation. Subjects such as Development Studies, Politics and Education will be represented, as well as technical subjects such as Big Data and Stem Cell research, where benefits have a social, economic or cultural dimension.

Dr Laura Kemp, Impact Funding Co-ordinator at the University, who is organising the event, said: “This is an opportunity for young researchers in the Social Sciences to get some exposure beyond the boundaries of academia and to demonstrate how their research can have an impact in the real world.”

Impact in the wider world is exactly what Cambridge Enterprise is about. We are here to enable dissemination of University research through commercialisation, whether it is the work of a new Research Assistant, or a Professor with a decades-long career. The Social Sciences have much to offer in this area. Projects we have supported in the past span a wide range, from showing crucial connections between play, learning and creativity in children to reducing violent crime in the Caribbean. Researchers have a vital role to play in bringing these innovations to life. We at Cambridge Enterprise will be attending the event and look forward to meeting you there.

The Postdoc Research Showcase event will take place on 21 September, 5.30pm – 8pm at Eddington, on the North West Cambridge site. Book your place here.

Please contact Dr Laura Kemp with any questions.

Marie Georghiou
Image: Audience people sitting rear at the business seminar and the speaker on the black white screen in Conference Hall.