Are you a University of Cambridge academic considering taking on work as a consultant? Or maybe you're already consulting but want to learn to work more effectively, get the best price for your skills or simplify your admin work?

Members of the University can now take our online course to learn more about consulting and about how Cambridge Enterprise can help to facilitate your project.

Consultants use expertise gained from University research in order to provide services to external organisations. Any University researcher can undertake consultancy work, but it can be challenging to manage and administrate alongside University commitments.

Cambridge Enterprise created this online training to help you effectively manage consultancy projects, sharing expertise on best practice, tips on making life easier and trouble-shooting for some of the key issues consultants can face. The course also covers how the Cambridge Enterprise Consultancy Services team can provide support throughout the process.

The online course covers:

    • The benefits and impact of undertaking consultancy work
    • Insights from academics experienced in consultancy
    • Issues surrounding confidentiality, intellectual property and liability
    • The benefits of using Cambridge Enterprise to undertake consultancy more effectively

This course is designed for all levels of experience, whether you are already acting as a consultant or are considering doing so. It takes about 45 minutes to complete the entire course, but you can also select and read the elements just the sections that are most helpful to you.

Anyone with a Raven account may take the course.

Please note that Cambridge Enterprise Consultancy Services support does not extend to undergraduate students and is (with a few exceptions) restricted to those currently employed by the University.

Check out the training here.

Amanda Zeffman
Amanda Zeffman
Peri Cihan
Peri Cihan
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