Lily Chan

Lily Chan - Commercialisation Manager (Research Tools)

Lily is responsible for the identification, strategic management and commercialisation of unpatented technologies arising from University research.

Lily has completed a variety of deals and established relationships with key industry stakeholders to license out a wide range of technologies from reagents and materials through to software and copyright. Since taking over the management of the Research Tools portfolio, she has continued to expand the number of offerings, making more technologies accessible to the wider scientific community. This in turn is resulting in increased growth and societal impact.

Lily is a member of the ASTP Software Special Interest Group which looks at knowledge sharing around the commercialisation of research based on software and data.

Prior to joining Cambridge Enterprise, Lily obtained her MChem in Medicinal and Biological Chemistry at the University of Edinburgh, followed by a PhD at the Department of Chemistry in Cambridge. She specialised in the development of novel organic chemistry methodologies and their applications in chemical biology. Lily also has industrial experience in the pharma/biotech sector as a synthetic chemist working in drug discovery at Pfizer and library synthesis at BioFocus.

Lily joined Cambridge Enterprise in October 2015 as a Commercialisation Associate. She took over management of the Research Tools portfolio in 2017.