Dr Alisa Molotova

Dr Alisa Molotova - Investment Associate (Life Sciences)

Alisa is an Investment Associate in the Seed Funds team with a focus on spin-outs within the life sciences.

Prior to working at Cambridge Enterprise, Alisa lead the commercial strategy at a London-based start-up that had built a platform trusted by scientists at 900+ universities. She was also an executive for Global Biotech Revolution, a non-profit organisation with the primary mission to inspire and support the next generation of professionals in biotechnology. Alisa’s experience extends to working in biopharm innovation R&D and corporate innovation at leading pharmaceutical companies.

Alisa has recently completed a Wellcome Trust PhD programme in Stem Cell Biology & Medicine at the University of Cambridge and has graduated top of the class with MSci in Genetics at the University of Glasgow.

Alisa joined Cambridge Enterprise in September 2019.


Alisa Molotova