Software services

Have you created software that might be of commercial interest?

Cambridge Enterprise has substantial experience in the commercialisation of software and can advise academics of the best commercialisation routes including open source dual licensing, Software as a Service (SaaS), licensing through an intermediary, direct sales or starting a spin-out company.
Any software created by staff or researchers at the University is subject to the University’s IP Policy. Depending on the terms and conditions of funding, software may be owned by the individual who created it or by the University. In either case, Cambridge Enterprise provides services that the creators may use to help their commercial software licensing.
Commercialisation is a key route to impact, so if you think it is a suitable route for your software, then please get in touch.

Software licensing

Why license through Cambridge Enterprise?

The main benefit of licensing software through Cambridge Enterprise is the peace of mind that all obligations will be taken care of, ensuring that any commercialisation is unencumbered.

Working with Cambridge Enterprise reduces the time commitment required for the licensing of software by providing comprehensive commercial, administrative and due diligence support. Cambridge Enterprise:

  • Provides a dedicated case manager.
  • Conducts due diligence to resolve any third party rights and funder obligations.
  • Negotiates and completes all necessary licence and revenue share agreements.
  • Manages invoicing and revenue distribution.
  • Advises on valuations and pricing structure.
  • Conducts market research.

For the licensing of software that is not owned by the University, a support fee of 20% of any revenue generated is applicable. If owned by the University, then the revenue share in the University IP policy applies.

You can also read about free and open-source software (FOSS) licensing here.

Starting a software company

Cambridge Enterprise has the experience to advise you on the best ways to approach forming a software spin-out. We are willing to consider funding software-based companies from any academic background. The following services are available to individuals, groups of individuals and early-stage companies with links to the University.

Software Pathfinder funding

With access to our new Software Pathfinder funding of up to £20,000 for Minimal Viable Product (MVP) development, you will receive funding for prototype development, field testing and customer pilots.

Once you complete the Pathfinder, or if you are initially assessed as requiring more than £20,000, there is the potential for applying for a Fast 75 or Seed investment.

Mentor network

Mentors and coaches are essential to the development of ventures at an early stage as they provide both specialised and general advice. They support businesses and help them grow, and you will gain access to a diverse range of commercial experience and expertise within the software sector.

Seed Funds benefits

With over 20 years of experience in company creation, the Cambridge Enterprise Seed Funds team has the proven know-how to support students and academics through direct investment as they build teams and raise the financing they need to develop products from their research. We create partnerships and link entrepreneurs with sources of angel and venture capital investing. When accessing our software services, you will gain visibility to the Seed Funds team for potential follow-on investment.

You can access our full range of benefits here.

What’s the next step?

We encourage you to get in touch for a confidential discussion to see whether we can help you take your software idea forward.