Research reagents

Cell lines, antibodies, proteins, DNA constructs, small molecules and other research tools generated by scientists at the University of Cambridge play a key role in laboratory research.

Cambridge Enterprise offers University researchers a wide variety of options tailored to individual needs. Materials can either be produced by you at the University, or we may be able to partner with external organisations to both manufacture and distribute your reagents. Potential licensees include other academic institutions, cell banks, reagent companies and commercial end-users like biotech and pharmaceutical companies. We make the process straightforward, ensuring that researchers who develop materials always share in the returns.

Why distribute your reagents?

  • Availability – allowing external organisations to hold stocks of your material enables them to be instantly and globally available to the entire scientific community, even if you have stopped using the material yourself.
  • Convenience – passing on the task of maintaining and/or distributing your material allows you to concentrate on your research.
  • Financial return – revenue generated by the licensing of research tools is shared with the creators.

We generally license reagents and research tools under non-exclusive terms to ensure that no one organisation has a monopoly on supply. We also ensure that the researchers are free to distribute their materials freely to academic colleagues and collaborators under a Materials Transfer Agreement (MTA).

What’s the next step?

If you have material that you would like to make available, start by completing a disclosure form. We will then contact you to discuss the available options. If we decide to proceed, we will undertake formal due diligence as well as market and license your material. If you need additional guidance, contact us and we can discuss the best method of working together.