Disclosure form

Our disclosure form asks detailed questions but if you simply want to have an initial conversation about an idea, you'll be done in a few clicks. If you're ready to share more specific details of an invention, software or a budding consultancy venture, for example, the form will take a little longer. It is intended to provide Cambridge Enterprise with a baseline of information to improve our follow-up conversations.

We recommend having the necessary information to hand before you begin. In the case of an invention disclosure, you’ll want to gather details about the involved inventors and sponsorship information (grant numbers and PIs). If you would prefer a disclosure form sent to you as a PDF, please contact us.

What would you like to disclose?

All discussions between you and Cambridge Enterprise are confidential.

You might also be interested in… confidential disclosure agreements

There may be occasions when you want to discuss your commercial idea or potential consultancy project with an external party. We will usually be involved in these discussions so that we can guide you through the process.

However, there may be times when you have initiated the meetings, and in those instances it may be important to have a confidential disclosure agreement (a CDA or sometimes called an NDA) in place. We are beta testing a self-service system where you can complete this form to generate a confidential disclosure agreement.