Clubs, programmes and networking

There are many sources of information and support for those interested in commercialising their research. Joining a club or society or exploring programmes can provide vital networking opportunities.

Looking to develop your ideas?

  • Enter Cambridge University Entrepreneurs’ (CUE) Ideas Take Flight competition. CUE runs one of the world’s most successful business creation competitions to support and accelerate entrepreneurship and innovation.
  • Apply to Accelerate, a programme run by the Judge Business School, which offers a structured approach of three-month programmes combining entrepreneurship training, regular coaching and mentoring, and access to shared workspace.
  • Apply for the Graduate Entrepreneur scheme for graduates of Cambridge University who have an outstanding business idea they want to put into practice in the UK.
  • Get in touch with ideaSpace, which provides office space and resources for anyone looking to start a new, high impact company in Cambridge.

Interested in joining a society?

  • Cambridge University Entrepreneurs (CUE) organises one of the most successful student-run business planning and creation competitions in Europe.
  • The Cambridge University Technology and Enterprise Club (CUTEC) is the leading student-run organisation at the University of Cambridge with a focus on technology venture capital.
  • Beyond Profit encourages the development of businesses that create positive social and sustainable solutions rather than simply maximising profit.
  • i-Teams combines multi-disciplinary teams of students with industry mentors and real University inventions to assess the commercial viability of new technologies and product designs.
  • Entrepreneurial Postdocs of Cambridge (EPoC) aims to support postdocs in their pursuit of entrepreneurial careers, share opportunities and foster a multi-disciplinary network of entrepreneurial postdocs within the University.

Want to learn more about entrepreneurship?

  • Go along to Enterprise Tuesday, a programme of free events run by the Judge Business School to introduce participants to the world of business, as well as to encourage and inspire individuals to pursue their entrepreneurial ambition.
  • Talk to the Careers Service, which provides resources for those wanting to set up ‘conventional’ businesses, such as restaurants, fitness centres and photographic studios. It also provides a Start-up Careers Lecture Series.
  • Visit the Cambridge University Enterprise Network (CUEN), which acts a portal to the various organisations involved in enterprise and innovation activities within the University.

Image: By Sir Cam, courtesy the University of Cambridge, all rights reserved.