Structurally-coloured polymer pigments

Ref No: Vig-3555-17

Structural colouration is responsible for many of the most brilliant colours found in nature; from iridescent beetles and metallic butterflies to the dazzling tail-feathers of the peacock. Inspired by such natural examples, Dr Silvia Vignolini and her team in the Department of Chemistry, University of Cambridge, have developed a scalable route to structurally-coloured synthetic polymer microparticles. Such pigments could replace existing “interference & effects” pigments, leading to a new generation of colourant products with applications ranging from automotive or architectural paints to anti-counterfeiting or responsive colourants. The team is now keen to collaborate with partners to validate this exciting new material.

Key benefits:

  • Robust & scalable emulsion-based fabrication.
  • Extremely high colour saturation.
  • Very wide range of accessible colours, with good colour purity.
  • Stable in a broad range of formulations.
  • Diverse range of potential applications in paints, inks and coatings, with a choice of iridescent, pearlescent or matte appearance.

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