High capacitance, low cost, mechanically robust and flexible supercapacitor active material

Ref No: Smo-3466-17

Researchers at the Department of Materials Science and Metallurgy, University of Cambridge have developed a new polymeric network material that enables the production of a flexible supercapacitor with high specific capacitance and cycling stability. Possible applications include supercapacitors for wearable and biomedical applications, and soft robotics. The team is now keen to collaborate with suitable partners for the development of the technology.

Key Benefits:

  • High specific capacitance – 182 F/g achieved using PEDOT/PEO polymer network combination
  • High cycling stability – capacitance retained over 3,000 charging cycles at high charge rates, due to the intrinsic mechanical stability of the material
  • Highly flexible and biocompatible – material suitable for wearable and biomedical applications, performance retained over 1,000 bending cycles
  • Wide potential window – working voltage 0 – 2.7 V has been experimentally confirmed for the supercapacitor device based on our active materials
  • Low-cost – uses mature, scalable manufacturing methods (compatible with printing technologies), with cheaply and readily available raw input materials

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