Encouraging grey-scale thinking

Ref No: Sav-2730-12

Many conflict situations, ranging from extremist activities to intra-organisational disputes, arise from an inability to engage with different viewpoints. Integrative complexity (IC) is a capacity which can be developed to enable individuals to move away from ‘black and white’ or ‘them and us’ thinking to encouraging grey-scale thinking. Conflict as a zero-sum game is overcome by the IC method, developed as a means to expand the way people think while concurrently remaining true to their own values.

The ICthinking® team at the University of Cambridge (Dr Sara Savage, Dr Jose Liht, Dr Eolene Boyd-MacMillan and others) have developed a unique methodology (ICthinking®) for increasing the IC of an individual, through:

  • carefully structured courses developed for specific conflict environments
  • leveraging the ability for each participant to consider the conflict from a range of viewpoints while also increasing their awareness of the breadth of their own values.

All courses and training are research- and evidence-based, with findings on the whole range of different IC courses to date showing a consistent increase in participants’ IC level regarding ‘hot’ issues of conflict from black and white, polarised thinking to an ability to perceive some validity in opposing viewpoints, and to apply that to win/win problem solving after just 16 hours of ICthinking® training.

More information on the courses offered and research context can be found at ICthinking® or please contact us for information on how you or your organisation can work with the ICthinking® team.

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