STFC – Follow-on Funding

Follow-on Funding

Follow-on Funding is intended to provide financial support at the very early or pre-seed stage of turning research outputs into a commercial proposition. Industry partners are not allowed. If you have an industry partner, please use the IPS scheme.

STFC staff are not eligible and should apply for their internal proof of concept funding.

Follow-On Funding will support a range of relevant activities to enable the development and examination of a concept to establish its commercial feasibility and scientific and technical merit. Partners are not allowed on the Follow-on Fund.

The funding can be used for:

  • Undertaking further scientific and technical development of an idea.
  • Improving an intellectual property (IP) position.
  • Gaining further information about the market for the new products or process.
  • Identifying potential licensees or opportunities for joint ventures.

These activities will be prior to:

  • A full laboratory demonstration of the idea.
  • Pre-production and prototype.
  • The availability of commercial funds for development.

Follow-On Funding will specifically not support:

  • ‘Blue sky’ research.
  • Applied research for companies.
  • Associated intellectual property costs e.g. patent costs.
  • The purchase of larger equipment and capital.


In 2019, there will be two calls for applications. Each call will close at 16:00.

Opens Closes
KE February 2019 Follow-on-Fund 1 Jan 2019 19 February 2019
KE July 2019 Follow-on-Fund 25 May 2019 26 July 2019

How to Apply

Applications must come through the Je-S system.

In addition to a completed proforma, further documentation must be uploaded as separate pdf documents, these include:

  • Six page case for support (Mandatory)
  • One page Gantt chart (Mandatory)
  • Data Management Plan (Mandatory)
  • Letter of Support from Technology Transfer Office (Mandatory)
  • Letters of Support from organisations interested in the project (Optional)
  • Covering Letter (Optional)

The six page Case of Support MUST include information under the headings (see below). Applications WILL BE REJECTED by the office for non-compliance.

All documentation must be submitted by the closing date. We cannot add any extra information that arrives after this date. Any additional documents such as CVs, extra results, pathways to impact statements, list of publications etc. will be removed and not sent for review.

Case for Support

This should be no longer than six pages and conform to the standard template of Arial (or other clearly readable) 11 point font with a minimum of 2 cm margins around each page.

It will be the responsibility of the principal applicant to ensure that any information is worded in such a way to protect commercially confidential or sensitive areas. STFC will assume that the applicant has obtained necessary permissions from any party that may be involved in the application.

In addition a one page Gantt chart of the project timeline must be submitted.

The six page Case of Support must include the following:

  • Background and Aim

What is the STFC funded research that will form the basis of this project? What is the aim of this application? Who will benefit from this project and subsequent commercialisation?

  • Technical Summary

Describe the current status of the technology you are proposing and the plan for development.

  • Business Plan

Please describe how you will investigate the development of a business plan, which will include a route to market. Describe the commercial opportunity and the predicted investment and mechanism required post-project to take forward commercialisation. This should also include a summary of the current IP position (further detailed in the Letter of Support from your TTO).

  • Work Plan and Risk Analysis

Detail specific work packages, assigning responsibility between partners if appropriate. Applicants should show that they have identified risks and developed alternative strategies to mitigate these. The applicants should consider both technical, programmatic and, where relevant, commercial risks.

  • Resources

State the resources requested by the applicants and provide justification for them. The Panel can reduce resource requests if they feel there is insufficient justification. Describe what the added value of STFC funding will be.

  • Project Deliverables

Identify what the direct outputs will be at the end of this grant (please be specific).


  • For help with Je-S, please contact the Je-S helpdesk
  • The STFC office provides advice and support to prepare Follow-on Fund applications. Please contact Ling Xu.