NERC Follow-on Fund Pathfinder

Pathfinder awards complement Follow-on awards.

Follow-on awards of up to £250k FEC fund development projects whose objective is to realise the commercial potential of NERC-funded research via a combination of complementary technical and commercial engagement work programmes.

Successful applications to the Follow-on Fund are invariably built upon a good understanding of the likely market potential for the technology around which the project is based.

If you are confident that you already have a sound assessment of these, and the other, issues described in Follow-on Fund – Guidance for applicants, you are ready to submit an application to the Follow-on Fund.

If, however, there are gaps in your knowledge, you are strongly advised to first apply for a Pathfinder award.

This will give you the best possible opportunity to secure Follow-on funding by enabling you to carry out work that will help you develop a greater understanding of the commercial aspects and possibilities of your research, and hence produce a more robust, better informed proposal for Follow-on funding.

More information can be found here.