Isaac Newton Trust Research Grants

The Trust’s research grant policy aims:

  1. to provide initial partner funding for new research projects, institutional projects or equipment, so that the projects can go on to apply for external funding to complete the work, or become self-sustaining in other ways.
  2. to provide emergency or bridging funding for salary costs (or occasionally equipment) for outstanding (usually peer-reviewed) projects that have run out of money through no fault of their own. The Trust is also willing to grant underwriting while the results of other applications are awaited.
  3. to help unconventional innovative science. Trustees wish to encourage applications for early-stage funding for genuinely creative and innovative early-stage research projects that are too speculative or unconventional to stand much chance of attracting institutional funding.
  4. Potential applicants seeking to make an institutional application for the promotion of education or research which could reasonably fall under the heading of a ‘Strategic Research Project‘ should consult the Director in the first instance.

More information can be found here.