British Academy: Tackling the UK’s Internation Challenges 2019

This programme provides UK-based researchers at any career stage – and active in any discipline within the social sciences and the humanities – with an opportunity to develop and lead interdisciplinary research projects which bear on existing understanding of the international challenges and opportunities which the UK has faced, is facing and/or will face.


In this round the British Academy invites applications which relate to the theme of European identities and/or borders.

The projects will aim to achieve the following outcomes:

  1. Enhance public, cultural and/or policy understanding of international challenges past, present and future through the expertise of the humanities and social sciences;
  2. Develop through the humanities and social sciences the awareness required to address matters of international concern;
  3. Engender new or deepen existing international interdisciplinary research collaborations in the humanities and social sciences in order to yield new understanding for culture, policy and/or research agendas;
  4. Further cross-learning between disciplines and/or between academic, policy, cultural, practitioner and public communities on issues that are topical, under-explored or necessitate reframing.