What’s it like to work for us?

Cambridge Enterprise is a very supportive working environment where colleagues are happy to assist each other and staff are encouraged to flourish. I initially started in the Business Support team working alongside the Technology Transfer team. It was very hands-on and a fast-paced working environment with each day presenting new challenges. Since then I have had the opportunity to move to Consultancy Services where I am applying my existing skills and learning new ones.

Kirsty Latto, Commercialisation Associate, Cambridge Enterprise.

As a Commercialisation Associate at Cambridge Enterprise, I was exposed to academics with revolutionary ideas and I learnt how to strategically assess their commercial potential. I was looking for a dynamic environment where I could quickly learn how to grown an idea into a life-changing product or service and this is what Cambridge Enterprise gave me.

Dr Andrea Cantone, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Qualcomms

Working in technology transfer is like spending your days at a brain gym-the enormous variety of our work makes it a great intellectual challenge. It’s fun. It’s down to us to nurture a technology from research into the marketplace. The job requires skills in technology, intellectual property, marketing, contract drafting, negotiation and business planning, and we have to speak the language of academia, industry and finance. Nobody has it all on day one, but you get to learn fast on the job.

Julian Peck, Commercialisation Manager, Cambridge Enterprise

Taking on a role at Cambridge Enterprise was probably the single biggest change in my career, as it moved me out of the research environment and into ‘Knowledge Exchange’. I chose to work at Cambridge Enterprise because of the opportunity it presented to learn from colleagues who are recognised experts in the field. An additional unforeseen benefit was being able to get involved at every stage of the commercialisation process. That experience is something I still draw on most days. The network I established there has continued to be of great benefit in my current work.

Dr Dermot Leonard, Head of Business Alliance, Queen’s University Belfast