Inventions, IP and licensing


Cell lines, antibodies, proteins, DNA constructs and other reagents generated by researchers at the University of Cambridge are key to much laboratory research.

Cambridge Enterprise has established a service which enables commercial companies to license reagents developed by Cambridge researchers. Our service makes the process straightforward, ensuring that researchers who developed the material always share in the returns.

What are the advantages of a company distributing your materials?

  • Availability. Allowing companies to hold stocks of research reagents developed within the University means that they are available worldwide at short notice to the whole of the scientific community. We usually license reagents under non-exclusive agreements to ensure that there is no monopoly of supply.
  • Convenience. Maintaining and distributing the reagents is the responsibility of the company, allowing the developers of the material to concentrate on research.
  • Financial return. Revenue generated by the licensing of research reagents is shared according to the University’s revenue sharing policy.
  • We also ensure that the researcher who developed the material is free to continue to distribute it as they wish to academic colleagues and collaborators.

What's the next step?

If you have material which you want to make available there is a series of simple steps to follow:

  1. Contact us or fill in a reagent disclosure form and send it to us by email
  2. We will acknowledge receipt of your disclosure and contact you to discuss your reagent and the options for commercialisation
  3. When a company expresses a wish in taking a licence we will consult you, negotiate the terms and put in place the appropriate agreements
  4. We will then work with you to transfer the material to the company and ensure that any revenue is collected and shared with you.

Read our reagents brochure.