Inventions, IP and licensing

How to disclose

The first step is to submit an invention disclosure form, which is applicable for potentially patentable technology, software, materials and other areas of research. You can then decide whether you would like Cambridge Enterprise to support the commercialisation of your research.

You may also like to talk to your Department’s Enterprise Champion, who will also be able to provide informal advice on any commercialisation issues.

Using Cambridge Enterprise

  1. Contact a member of the team to discuss your project and submit your form.
  2. A technology manager will arrange a meeting to discuss intellectual property protection and opportunities for commercialisation. They will also conduct due diligence into market opportunity and evaluate the idea according to revenue potential, probability of success and cost.
  3. You will receive written confirmation within 30 days with the options for commercialisation.
  4. If you decide to proceed, Cambridge Enterprise will complete the legal document to formalise ownership of the IPR and agree revenue sharing with funding bodies where appropriate.
  5. If you or Cambridge Enterprise decides not to proceed then we will complete the legal document to assign rights in the invention to you.

Choosing not to use Cambridge Enterprise

  1. If you decide not to have Cambridge Enterprise manage the IPR and licence arrangements please submit the invention disclosure form as before, but clearly mark the opt-out box.
  2. We will prepare the legal document assigning any intellectual property rights back to you, including provision for a portion of any future revenues to be shared with the University (including your department).

Unsure whether to use Cambridge Enterprise?

  1. Please submit the invention disclosure form and tick the undecided box.
  2. We will set up a meeting where you can discuss your options for commercialisation and find out about the services and support we can offer.

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