MRC /ESRC: Extending working lives - research partnership awards - expressions of interest

MRC /ESRC: Extending working lives - research partnership awards - expressions of interest

Deadline: 4th December 2012

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The MRC and ESRC seek proposals to the extending working lives – research partnership awards, aimed at informing strategies and investigating critical issues that will better prepare the UK for an ageing workforce. The awards will be given to partnerships of academics and public/private employers or stakeholders to address research challenges and employer needs associated with an ageing workforce, within a workforce or policy setting.

Proposals are sought in the areas of:
• Understanding the determinants of working later in life: e.g. factors influencing workforce participation and retirement including ill heath, caring responsibilities and cultural/social expectations; training and skills development in older workers.
• The relationship between health, work and wellbeing of older workers: e.g. managing chronic conditions in an ageing workforce; understanding the impact of working later in life on older employees and employers; evaluating workplace interventions that promote health, wellbeing and productivity of older workers.

Funding: Applications can range from small scale analyses of workforce data to large scale evaluation of workplace interventions, up to a maximum of £2.5M (at 80% fEC) and 5 years in duration. Applicants may apply for funding to cover staffing and other costs associated with the collaboration, including research, travel, subsistence and equipment costs.

Eligibility: Applications must be led by an academic researcher and involve a partnership with a public or private sector employer(s), or stakeholder organisation(s). MRC eligibility rules apply.
In order to help build collaborative partnerships the Research Councils are hosting a ‘Partnership Building Workshop’ (8-10 October 2012) for those who make expressions of interest. Attendance is not mandatory to apply for funding.

Deadline for EoIs to attend workshop: 5 September 2012 (16:00)

Outline application deadline: 4 December 2012 (16:00)

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