For industry

Cambridge Enterprise works in partnership with industry to help University innovators commercialise their research. We act as business agents for academics who wish to provide consultancy, oversee the licensing of inventions and find vital funding opportunities for early-stage companies.

Boosting the economy. Transforming society

The sharing of University research leads to incredible advances in technology, bioscience and engineering, bringing huge benefits to society and making a direct impact on the economy by creating new jobs, attracting inward investment and generating sales.

What services does Cambridge Enterprise offer?

  • Licensing opportunities
    Commercialising inventions from the University for the benefit of society

  • Research reagents
    Licensing of antibodies, cell lines and other reagents developed at the University of Cambridge

  • Consultancy
    Enabling the University to share its knowledge and world-leading expertise with government, industry and the public sector
  • Investment opportunities
    Be part of a portfolio of companies which employs over 1,700 people and generates an annual turnover in excess of £170m