Structure and governance

Cambridge Enterprise strives for excellence. Integral to this is a commitment to best practice in all areas of business and compliance, and in transparency of financial information.

A clear structure and strong governance

We are governed and structured to work in synergy with the University, supporting research initiatives as they relate to consultancy, licensing of intellectual property and the creation of new ventures.

The Cambridge Enterprise Group is comprised of two legal entities:

  • Cambridge Enterprise Limited was formed on 1st December 2006 as a wholly owned subsidiary of the University of Cambridge. Cambridge Enterprise Limited has responsibility of carrying out consultancy services, technology transfer and seed fund activities on behalf of the University.
  • Cambridge University Technical Services Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Cambridge Enterprise Limited. Cambridge University Technical Services Limited has responsibility for the consultancy contracts and related income streams in support of the Consulting Services business division of Cambridge Enterprise.

The relationship between these parties is defined by specific Memoranda of Understanding.


We aim to provide transparency of financial information through ongoing reviews of operational and support activities. We have a sensible structure with clearly defined roles:

  • The Cambridge Enterprise Board of Directors has a fiduciary responsibility to its shareholder and reports to the University through the University Finance Committee
  • The Chief Executive of Cambridge Enterprise also reports to the Research Policy Committee of the University five times a year
  • The Board members are appointed by the University and include an external, non-executive Chair, the Chief Executive and Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Research (ex-officio), two external non-executive directors, two academic non-executive directors, and an additional employee of Cambridge Enterprise
  • The Director of Finance for the University of Cambridge is the shareholder’s representative and observer to the Board
  • The University of Cambridge Registrary is the Company Secretary